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Understanding Types of Wood Floors

Adding a wood floor to your home can increase its value and elevate your style. Best of all, it goes with every design theme, ranging from modern to rustic. There are many different types of wood floors to choose from. Learn more about them

How to Remove Glue From Any Surface

Removing glue from wood, glass, plastic and other surfaces takes a little knowledge and a lot of ideas. Different types of surfaces and different types of glues make this job tough for even the best in cleaning tricks. Check out t

How to Remove Wax From a Vinyl Floor

If you have vinyl flooring in your home, you've likely discovered how affordable, durable and easy to maintain it is. Wax can build up on vinyl flooring over time, which may cause some discoloration. If this happens, remove the wax to give

How to Remove Carpet Glue From Floor Tile Hunker

Ripping up carpet is already a difficult task, but once you pull up the carpet, there's nothing more annoying than seeing a layer of dried and caked on carpet glue on the subfloor. Once you get over the sheer panic of getting this job done,

How to Install Tile Over a Wood Floor

With a few extra steps, you can install tile over a wood floor with ease. Although installing tile over a wood floor is slightly more compli ed than installing tile directly over concrete, the project can be completed with a little bit of

How Do I Get Floor Tile Glue Off the Surface of Tiles?

Cooking oil, acetone and mineral spirits used separately are three options for removing tile glue from the surface of tiles. Industry experts recommend usi Cooking oil, acetone and mineral spirits used separately are three options for remov

How to Remove a Tile Floor how-tos DIY explains how to remove a tile floor with these step-by-step instructions. Even beginning DIYers can tackle the job using these easy-to-follow techniques. Before Removing floor tile can be a difficult and time-consuming projec

Wood Floor Stain Removal

This wood floor section provides useful information on how to remove stains from your wood floors in your home. Caution: When working with any chemicals, carefully read and follow the label directions for using that chemical, especially any

How to Remove Ceramic Floor Tile

Demolishing and removing ceramic floor tiles is work that is labor intensive but not difficult—provided you use the right tools. When you want to replace a ceramic tile floor with another flooring material, you usually are faced with the ta

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