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Samarpan Career Institute is a premier institute preparing young aspirants for IIT-JEE (JEE Advance), JEE Mains, NTSE, KVPY and various Olympiads. We request your goodself to kindly spare some time for career counseling to the aspirants of above courses in school premises so our experts can guide them for better career options.

Samarpan Career Institute has been maintaining its impressive results since its inception. Our faculties know how to shape and tune the minds of the students by leaving an indelible impression of “innovative technique”. We help our students to realize their dormant potentials.

The founder of this prestigious institute is man of letters who will enable you to realize your dreams through his expertise and vast knowledge. He has sacrificed the various lucrative offers and enticements which were offered to him during the course of his checkered career. His deep satisfaction lies in the contentment of his students.

Samarpan Career Institute has been producing wonderful results.

Counselling Sessions

Parents who meet us to put their ward for coaching always leave our premises with plenty of information. Our vast experience in teaching for the IIT-JEE as well as the school syllabus to hundreds of students has always put us in a better position to advise the ever anxious parents and to provide the right guidance to the aspiring students.

Ideal Classroom Conditions with Expert Guidance

The classrooms are well lit and ventilated with comfortable seating arrangements, making the place an ideal one for study. Professors who have been teaching for IIT-JEE and School Syllabus for many years guide our students. They are not only teachers but are also friends, philosophers and guides and hence are easily approachable by any student.

Doubts, if any, are clarified by the respective Professors. A student has to merely approach a Professor and ask the specific doubt. This one-to-one interaction goes a long way in the student gaining confidence on the subject and on the teacher to make him move ahead.

Special Feature’s

  • Dedicated Faculty Team
  • Hostel Facility for Boys and Girls
  • Complete Board Syllabus with aptitude test preparation
  • Regular Improvement through Periodic Test
  • DCT (Daily Class Test)
  • DCS (Doubt Clearing Session)
  • Motivational open Session
  • Expert Counseling
  • Experienced, Caring and Committed Support Staff
  • Scholarship for Outstanding Performer’s
  • Scientifically Design Study Material